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Market Update 9/7/22

At the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium in August, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell told investors he is committed to fighting inflation by raising rates until “the job is done.” Bond yields rallied and equity markets struggled in reaction. Another 75 basis-point hike by the Fed is consensus for the September 21st meeting. However, we see signs of the economy slowing and inflation easing.

The August jobs report came in slightly lower than expectations in July and commodities like oil and lumber have fallen 25% and 60% respectively In August, the average home in the US sold below its asking price for the first time since March of 2021 as homes sales are down 20.2% from the same period a year prior.

While we are maintaining our allocation to stocks, we continue to look for opportunities in the fixed income market, as yields are attractive. If economic data continues to weaken, the rate rising regime will end and both stocks and bonds will benefit. As always, we appreciate your continued trust and confidence.

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